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My Product

Head Hii was created in 2019 , I wanted to bring a product that had the benefits for ALL hair types. Personally I was tired of using 3-4 products so I know my clients were also. So I spent 2 years formulating this Beauty!

Head Hii is made with 100% Bassui Oil which evaporates into the second layer of the cuticle so you will get the nutrients and hydration but wont feel greasy on Fine texture hair. 

Premium CBD organic oil which gives you a stronger cuticle to avoid breakage. CBD also gives you Omega fats 5&6 .

Tea tree oil to help with dandruff, psoriasis, iraaitated or tight scalp.

Black Castor oil for growth

Rose Water

Grape Seed Oil helps with UV protection and Heat protection

Not only is this a Hair oil but also a Beard Oil helping with Ingrown Hairs, Discoloring of the skin, Growth , Hydration.

Head Hii Minimizes Frizz and gives a Beautiful shine !

Blow your Mind , One Product at a time!!

Best Hair Oil in the Beauty Industry , and Most talked about!

Stay tuned for New Products dropping in 2023!

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